Jump in my car / C.C. Catch

C.C. Catch Jump in my car

Добавлено: 2016-08-16
Просмотров: 462
Продолжительность: 03:47

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Текст целиком:

Take me tight in your arms
Take me in your heart tonight
If you really want me
Got to learn to love me right
Stay with me apart
Babe, believe me in your heart
That's all I ever want to say with you
Jump in my car
Don't be afraid
Only heroes can never wake
You are my number one
Till the morning
Touch the dark
Jump in my car
I want some fun
Baby, when the working day is done
You are my everything
You give me more
You fill my dreams
You are dancing in my mind
Take me to the end of time
'Cause tonight is the night
Darling, oh you hold me tight
But baby you've got style
When you give that special smile
You've got something that I really love
Jump in my car
I just can't wait
Jump in my car
It won't be late
Jump in my car
Give me your heart
It doesn't matter when you start

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