The Barracuda / Ost Форсаж 2 The's

(Ost Форсаж 2) The's The Barracuda

Добавлено: 2015-10-21
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Продолжительность: 02:28

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Текст целиком:

It's time to learn, the Barracuda


Everybody do the
(Do what, baby)
Come on and do the Barracuda


Here's a dance to do
Here's a dance that's new
The Barracuda

Once you get with it, oh, oh
You know you can't quit it, no, no

Come on, give it your all
We're gonna have a ball

Form a big loss line
And keep in time
The Barracuda

Jump up, baby, jump back
Jump up, jump back
something something love ??

Baby, kick it to the left
Kick it to the right
Move up, move back
Move up, the front

Now you've tried it, baby
Now you've learned
The Barracuda, ooh wee

Ooh wee, ooh wee
(oh yeah)
Ooh wee
Ooh wee
(Oh, baby come on)

Ooh, ah ah, ooh, ah ah
Ooh ah, ooh ah, ooh ah


Here's a dance to do
Here's a dance that's new
The Barracuda

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